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Eloise LOVES dressing up at the moment. Her favourite is as a “butterfly” (fairy). She bugs me and bugs me to put her “butterflies” on (her fairy wings). She quite often walks around the house in her play shoes, her jewels and says “smile!” (because she wants me to take a photo of her!) Its just so precious!!

Eloise is being admitted to Randwick children’s Hospital in Sydney for a multidisciplinary review on monday, until friday evening. Sydney is over 6 hours away, and especially long when driving alone with a 2 year old who loves to undo her seatbelt! This will be the third time in the space of a month that we have been to sydney.

Unluckily My first Clomid cycle starts while ill be in Sydney, so Ill be having hot flashes, bloated, moody, nausea and hopefully not blurred vision! The things we do to complete our families..

The past few nights Eloise has been having very disrupted sleep. She awakes frantic, screaming and terrified. She runs down the hallway as quick as she can and I put her into bed, and she cries and cries. I wish I knew what was happening! Its very unnerving hearing your 2 year old screaming terrified during the night.