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We received Eloise’s written Autism assessment in the mail yesterday, and with it a HUGE amount of photocopies to go through! Its a lot to take in!

Today I’ve been taking photos of places we go, i.e preschool, KEIS early intervention centre, nan and pops house, park, supermarket etc so we can create a weekly planner, with pictures of the main things that we will be doing on that day.

I’ve also been taking photos of different foods Eloise eats, so we can start using a visual choice board to hopefully help Eloise communicate what food she wants a little better.

We also need to re-organise her toys into separate containers so we can create a choice board for toys, instead of Eloise being able to get her hands on whatever toys she wants. This will help with learning communication skills, learning to make a choice, pack the toy up and “finished” by putting the visual of the particular toy in the “finished” box.

I have been reading about toilet training, and am hoping I will be able to create some visuals to get this started sometime after we have the other visuals implemented.

The speech pathologist was using “chat boards” today with Eloise which I noticed Eloise responded really well. A chat board is a piece of laminated paper with different actions and expressions that could be used for a certain game. Today we used the blocks chat board, where Jackie was teaching Eloise to point at the action she wanted to do in order to get more blocks. Eloise eventually stopped tantrumming so much and pointed to the “build it up” one to get more blocks and said “be be up”. Eloise did not go well with turn taking, but we will be working on this by ignoring the tantrum and continuing with the activity until it is again Eloise’s turn. If she is still tantrumming, asking “finished”? with the hand sign.

I haven’t even started the paperwork for the funding, I only got my hands on the application today.

Eloise also got to use an i-pad today for the first time. She used it well for a first time although she seemed to be pressing the same sequence of objects. We are hoping her i-pad skills will improve, and the speech pathologist also said she will be trialling the i-pod touch with her as well, as it’s a bit sturdier but on the other hand the screen is much smaller. hopefully she will react well with one of them so we can implement it into our life to assist with communication, and help her learn.

We are hoping to organise a session that Michael can attend at the end of the week to talk about discipline. Which we are finding a challenge.

Eloise will also hopefully be starting Occupational Therapy once a fortnight. This will help with Eloise’s sensory needs.

We are looking forward to a reduction in her tantrums! At the moment it seems she is feeling frustrated a lot of the day. It’s really difficult to be on the receiving end of the tantrums, and hard to control your anger as its very frustrating! We hold our breath a lot!

Eloise has started constantly walking backwards with her face to the ceiling, jumping up and down instead of walking, and hiding in her dark wardrobe for LONG intervals, and when I discover her there she shuts the door on me.

All in all we are doing well with the challenges we face, there’s a lot to organise and many many avenues of therapy ahead! Looking forward to it!