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So here we are, our little family of 3, learning to live with the challenges of Autism.

It seems at the moment that Eloise’s behaviour just keeps becoming more challenging every day. And then, when you least expect it, Eloise will have a good day. These days are few and far between, but all the more cherished.

On Saturday we went to the park, and it was just a brilliant day. We took a little picnic with us and ate while Eloise played. it was great to watch her feeling like a normal child. We left to get icecream, without a fuss. When she understood that she was getting icecream leaving the park didnt matter so much anymore! She had a rainbow icecream from the park cafe and got into the car without a care in the world. We went for a drive and she ate her icecream, and fell asleep. It was a magical day.

In contrast, the day before we couldnt get her in the car without what felt like breaking her arms. It takes so much strength to get her in the car! We went to her early learning group and Eloise stood/lied on the floor for quite a while before coming inside the room. She moved quickly from one thing to another, without paying any attention to the activity. She took items from one activity and put them with the other, where she felt they should be. Then when it was time to pack up she tantrummed. We then had group time with a book, and Eloise spent most of this time on the other side of the room bent over a table crying/screaming until we eventually coaxed her to join in. She then kept trying to take the book off the teacher, and refused to sit on her mat for more than 3 seconds, then back to the table on the other side of the room. She was unhappy. Then it was music time, and she screamed in the other side of the room the whole time the music was playing. When Michael tried to calm her down I tried to get her interested by pointing my fingers (it was the song “can you point your fingers and do the twist” by the wiggles) which sent her over the edge! We then had outside time and she spent most of her time standing inside the cubby house. We did have some time where she was playing with the toy lawn mower and climing the jungle gym which was nice. It was a hard day. When we got home I was extremely stressed, because of the horrific day we had had and because our house was so unorganised, as we were re-organising Eloise’s hundred’s upon hundred’s of toys still and they were everywhere.

Michael sent me to have some time to myself which was nice. I had a coffee and something to eat, and read a magazine. I came back and Michael had sorted all the toys out and was vaccuuming which was really nice of him.

To have such a lovely weekend was just what we needed. I have been doing some more reading about living with Autism. Its alot to take in.

We also began using visuals. They arent quite organised to be of great use a the moment, as all the different types of visuals are all on the same board. When I have a minute I will make some choice boards, and a routine sheet so I can use the visuals to show Eloise what our daily routine will be. This will help stop Eloise from feeling she is out of control. I’m hoping we will see the Occupational Therapist soon so we can work out how to manage her Sensory seeking behaviours.