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So I’ve been reading a lot of books about Autism in the past week or so. I read half of “All I can Handle, I’m no Mother Teresa (A life raising three daughters with Autism)”- Kim Stagliano last night. I have to say the book was a little bit everywhere, but it did give me an insight into life with Autistic children.

I have reserved a stack of books at the local library. It seems everywhere I read, I see references to the dangers of vaccines. I loaned the book “The Age Of Autism”, and after reading the introduction I threw it in the “read” pile, as I wasn’t interested in reading about the controversy of vaccines. There couldn’t REALLY be mercury in vaccines, could there? Reading “All I can Handle” indirectly exposed me to the argument of Vaccines causing autism. I have made the decision to read “The Age of Autism” and possibly “Evidence of Harm” if i can get my hands on it. I know it’s a very controversial topic, but please take a look at the graphs in this link. The first graph shows Autism rates vs. MMR and measles vaccinations 1988-1995. The trend is quite confronting, as I have only been exposed to the media desperate to dissipate any claims of harm by vaccines. From what I have read, it seems the evidence of Vaccines causing harm to children is there, but not widely advertised by the media. Another example of the biased media.


We had another speech pathology appointment today. We haven’t started our Occupational Therapy yet because we are waiting for the funding to come through. When we first arrived Eloise was very closed up and having a hard time with activities. When the S/T turned the touch computer on to play the Wiggles game, she refused to come over and press any buttons but instead lied with her stomach on the table, screaming on and off. She also made a lot of funny faces, like a REALLY freaky, over the top ear to ear grin. Not because she was happy, but its the face she makes when she’s having trouble dealing with a situation. The S/T tried to pick her up and take her over to the computer, a mere 1.5metres away, but Eloise tantrummed and dropped to the ground, having a meltdown. We then proceeded to play the game ourselves until we finished. She then began jumping around the room (she does this ALL the time at home) so Jackie went and got a giant pillow (they were out of trampolines) to jump on. Immediately after jumping Eloise was reachable, co-operative and actually “home”. It was amazing! Now I am even more excited about starting OT, and getting Eloise’s Sensory “Recipe” which they call it to help with her sensory problems. The S/P and I were both amazed by how well she reacted to the jumping exercise! She just needed some physical stimulation to get her back into the sensory “sweet” spot for just a little while.

Eloise is under-sensitive to movement and seeks out movement by: Jumping, spinning, playing rough and tumble games, running back and forth, running away

Eloise is under-sensitive to touch and seeks it out by: Wanting long hugs, wrapping herself in blankets, squeezing herself into tight places, lying flat on the floor, putting objects in her mouth, rarely crying when she gets hurt, closing herself in the closet

Eloise is under-sensitive to sound: She doesn’t appear to hear what people say, she likes toys that make certain sounds

Eloise is over-sensitive to sound: Cries/screams when people sing

Eloise is under-sensitive to sight and seeks it out by: Flicking the lights on and off, watching repetitive movements (closing/opening bin over and over for example), lining things up

The past few weeks it has appeared that Eloise has become a little worse. Her behaviours and sensory seeking have been more apparent and it has been more difficult to calm her down. The last 2 days Eloise has cried/screamed/tantrummed for over 4-5hours per day.

On thursday we’re travelling to finalize the funding, which will open up therapy options, and help with equipment costs. It will be a relief to get it all sorted out finally!

We are pretty sure this month’s fertility treatments hasn’t worked unfortunately.