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I don’t have much family. I don’t have my parents in my life due to a difficult childhood.
Even though I don’t have a big family, I feel that family is the most important thing in this world.
I want to have more kids. I want more people around the dinner table. I want to share christmas with a brood of screaming children. I want to play cricket in the backyard. I want to watch my kids fight and argue with each other, and teach them to be tolerant of others. I want to play eye-spy with a car full of children on holidays. I want to make a whole lot of beds in the morning. I want my kids to have “hand-me-downs” from one another. I want to be a busy mum. I want my daughter to be a sibling. To have someone to love other than mum and dad. To have a partner in crime, someone to blame. Someone to look over and let into her bed when theyve had a nightmare. I want her to know what its like to be a sister. I want a whole row of toothbrushes in the bathroom. I want a stampede of kids running through the door after school, with their dirty shoes and bags flung all over the floor.

Dreams are always crushed.

We have recently learnt that we cannot have any more children.