My name is Alyce, wife to Michael, and mum to Eloise who suffers from multiple chronic health conditions.
I myself have been diagnosed with Stage 1 bilateral Meniere’s Disease.
Eloise is the strongest little girl, a true princess.. she is stubborn and always gets what she wants.. but we dont mind because its the least we can do to give her some control over her life. Walk a day in our shoes and you will see why we give her everything.
Eloise has NEHI, Neuroendocrine Cell Hyperplasia (is a type of Interstitial Lung Disease. There are only around 150 known cases in the world. There is no cure, but some children will grow out of the symptoms but the long term effect on the lungs is still unknown)
Onset of severe symptoms, hypoxemia, respiratory distress, retractions September ’09, but mild symptoms since birth. Diagnosed with NEHI January, 2010 by Lung biopsy.
Underlying conditions:
Failure to thrive
IGA/IGG Deficiency
repeated severe Neutropenia of unknown cause,
2 masses of unknown etiology in liver measuring 1-2cm
gastrointestinal issues
severe speech delay
developmental delays
being assessed for Autism.


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